Canada officially legalized cannabis on October 17, 2018. Not arduously, state by state, like the US, but in one broad federal brushstroke. Not only is Canada able to ship nationwide, but they are also priming their engines for international distribution (minus the US, sadly). It’s really a heck of a time to be alive up there.

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The dispensary scene is grey with a mix of legal and illegal flower
A tourist can easily get a medical card
Canada officially legalizes marijuana
Weed shortages and questionable quality. Still needs time

The brief

Since legalization, the market is in flux with tales of seed and weed shortages, long awaited dispensary licenses, and until late 2019, you can only buy flower and oil-based tinctures. We really admire Canada’s branding guidelines, which are minimal, accepting only a logo and tagline, which forces the product to speak for itself. Oh Canada!

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